Genre: Comedy
Story: Adam is an OCD person who faces many cleaning and organizing activities through his day, first at home we show how everything around him is organized and labeled. Then Adam heads to work and we see how clean and organized everything related to him is. We introduce Naya an uptight girl that works with Adam. He salutes her but she doesn’t reply to him. Heading for lunch break ( and here is where the inciting incidence happens), Adam heads to a table holding his lunchbox and while he wants to start eating he searches for his sanitizer, but finds it empty. He tries all the possibilities to get a sanitizer, even if it took him to steal. And that’s what happened, he stole from Naya’s purse and when Naya grabbed her bag from him a secret was revealed. A picture of Adam cut to be put beside Naya is the secret, Naya is secretly in love/ obsessed with Adam. Naya hands Adam the sanitizer to make him forget what he saw. Adam is happy in both cases, while Adam wants to take the first bite, a man passing by sneezes beside his food. Adam faints. The next day we see Adam holding a box of sanitizers to make sure he doesn’t have the same problem. But, the problem persists again.


Zaina Moalla

Mahdy Nabhan

Screenwriter/Production Designer
Zeina Kayyem

Aisha Al-Tamimi | aishaaltamimi.ae

Adham Siaary | adhamalsiaari.com

Sound Designer
Kareem Dagher

Salwa AlSaman